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3 Pharmaceutical Drugs That Ruined My Health (Part 2) – Birth Control Pills

Welcome to Part 2 of 3 Pharmaceutical Drugs That Ruined My Health. Do you take birth control pills? Do you experience side effects? Do you know the consequences of long-term use? This post is for you! Birth Control Pills In … Continue reading

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Get the Lead Out! My Detox Program

In January, I wrote an alarming post about high lead and thallium results in my stool. Read Where is the Lead Coming From? Surprised and concerned, I was determined to discover the source for my heavy metal exposure, as well … Continue reading

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Beat the Winter Blues with this Flu-Fighting Vitamin

It’s flu season! Touch no one. Wash your hands regularly. Get your flu shot. We hear these recommendations almost daily during the winter months. What if there was a better way to prevent the flu? What if you could build … Continue reading

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