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8-Minute Baked Collard Chips

We’ve all heard of kale chips. Kale is the super green that everyone raves about. What about it’s cousin, collard greens? Poor collards, they are also a cruciferous vegetable, just as chock full of nutrients. It’s time to give collards … Continue reading

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Sauerkraut in My Washing Machine

No joke. This story is true, a real foodie’s hilariously strange nightmare. Who else could end up with sauerkraut in their washing machine? Why me, of course! My story will demonstrate I know a lot about cultured foods, but nothing … Continue reading

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Winter Thyme Meatloaf (Gluten-Free)

Meatloaf is the all-American comfort food. It conjures up good memories of homemade cooking. It makes grown men more thankful for their mothers and wives. It brings families together, in the sense that most people like meatloaf. I appreciate meatloaf … Continue reading

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Beginner’s Guide to Butternut Squash (with Recipes to Try!)

Squash is a staple food in our home. We follow a grain-free diet most of the time, particularly because I feel better eating that way with an auto-immune thyroid condition (Hashimoto’s). We eat spaghetti squash, acorn squash, red kuri squash, … Continue reading

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Food as Medicine: 3 Ways to Improve Your Health in the New Year

We’ve all heard food is medicine. Do you believe it? I mean really believe it, enough to change your lifestyle? Two Conversations I had two very different conversations at church on Sunday. I don’t see these friends often, so it … Continue reading

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Holiday Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Cranberries

Do you like brussels sprouts? I do! Its moniker may be difficult to spell. Yes, it’s really spelled “brussels” with an S. But this tiny cabbage-like vegetable shouldn’t be hard to eat! In fact, if prepared well, it is quite … Continue reading

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Good Health is Inconvenient, but Worth It

McDonald’s is convenient. TV dinners are convenient. Placating your child with sugar-filled candy at the grocery store is convenient. Blaming your busy schedule for why you haven’t exercised in two months is convenient. Using Facebook as a reason to stay … Continue reading

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Simply Fruit Baked Dessert (Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free)

I really like fruit. I have always preferred fruit desserts over cake or candy. When I transitioned to a lifestyle without gluten, dairy, and refined sugar, I had to find recipes that fit my dietary needs. As my list of … Continue reading

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Good Digestion, Good Health – Poor Digestion, Guess What?

We’ve all heard, “You are what you eat.” But have you considered this? “You are what you digest.” Think about that. What you put in your mouth is important. But how you absorb nutrients is just as crucial! Do you … Continue reading

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Paleo Raspberry Pear Muffins

In June, I posted a new recipe during rhubarb season, Paleo Raspberry Rhubarb Muffins. Delicious! It was a big hit with my readers. I enjoyed baking them a couple more times over the summer. However, I also discovered that when … Continue reading

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