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My To-Do List Can Wait (I’m Alive and My Baby Is Here)

I looked intently into her deep blue eyes and burst into tears. She was reminding me, just by her very presence, that nothing was more important than her. Why was I feeling pressure to do dishes or laundry? She was … Continue reading

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Renew Your Spirit in The Great Outdoors

When I miss three weeks of posting on my blog, you know something has caused me to lose track of my writing schedule. In this case, it was a good thing. I’m happy to report that my husband and I … Continue reading

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Worry or Faith? My Responsibility and God’s Role

In all life circumstances, you have two choices: worry or faith. Which one will you choose? In my post Worry is Not Your Friend, I shared about my troubles with worry. I still worry at times, even to the point … Continue reading

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Sauerkraut in My Washing Machine

No joke. This story is true, a real foodie’s hilariously strange nightmare. Who else could end up with sauerkraut in their washing machine? Why me, of course! My story will demonstrate I know a lot about cultured foods, but nothing … Continue reading

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Good Health is Inconvenient, but Worth It

McDonald’s is convenient. TV dinners are convenient. Placating your child with sugar-filled candy at the grocery store is convenient. Blaming your busy schedule for why you haven’t exercised in two months is convenient. Using Facebook as a reason to stay … Continue reading

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Food is My Help, But God is My Healer

I don’t know about you, but I need reminders. I need all sorts of reminders – to pay the milk bill to our local farmer, to take out the garbage for Wednesday trash pick up, to take my cod liver … Continue reading

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Six Strategies for Victory During Illness

Sickness and disease are a part of the human experience. Often, for reasons we can’t explain, some people endure a greater dose of unfortunate unhealthiness in their lifetimes. We all face illness to some extent. From the common cold to … Continue reading

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Your Body is Speaking! Are You Listening?

 If your body could talk, what would it say to you? Why did I eat that donut? Oh, I don’t feel good. No, not only 5 hours of sleep, again! I’m dehydrated. I need water! OR I’m full of energy … Continue reading

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2014, Year of Unexpected Change (Already)

Yes, I know it’s only nine days into January. Yet, this new year has already brought some unexpected changes that are testing my resistance to change. The first few days of 2014, my husband, Jim, and I were recovering from … Continue reading

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Thankfulness: The Cure for Discontentment

When was the last time you were discouraged or discontented? What did you do with your feelings of frustration? Yell at someone? Withdraw in silence? Talk to a friend? Ask for help? What about give thanks? Yeah, right! (I hear … Continue reading

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