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Eat Slowly and Enjoy

I grab the shifter with my right hand and put the car into first, second, third…oh, good, a red light! I can stop and eat three more bites before the light turns green! I stab my broccoli and chicken leftovers … Continue reading

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Worry is Not Your Friend

There have been times in my life when worry has been my constant companion. I’ve worried about my health, worried about my family, worried about being single, worried about being married, worried about big decisions, worried about making people happy, … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist

Have you ever thought of perfectionism in relation to your health? What about the stress your body undergoes when you aim for perfection? What happens to your physical being when you don’t live up to unrealistic expectations? I hope my … Continue reading

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The Top Ten Ways Men and Women Relax

After writing Find Your Seventh Day of Rest a couple weeks ago, I began asking myself, why don’t people rest? Here’s one conclusion. We don’t rest because we don’t know how! Questions beget more questions, and I endeavored to ask … Continue reading

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Find Your Seventh Day of Rest

When was the last time you took a full day of rest, besides vacation time? How about a half-day of rest? Are you a workaholic type that is always looking to do the next task or achieve the next thrill? … Continue reading

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