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If this is your first time reading my blog, welcome! If this is your second or third time, welcome back. I hope my story and research about food and health will inspire you to be a good steward of the amazing body God has given you. I believe great health is not an elusive dream only for people with perfect genes and money. With God’s blessing, prayer, and lifestyle change, I believe we can live in a relatively healthy state, even into old age. Don’t let doctors, friends or even family keep you from being your own best advocate. Even those of us with chronic conditions can see improvement with nourishing food, appropriate exercise, and rest. The efforts you take toward better health are worth it – for you, your loved ones, and to honor your Creator.

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Allergy-Free Recipes

All of the recipes you see on my blog are gluten-free and helpful for people with food sensitivities, like me! Click here to see all my recipes.

Gluten-Free Living

I also write about why and how to  transition to a gluten-free diet. Click here to learn tips on gluten-free living.

Uterine Fibroids

Fibroids are a major part of my health story and in 2014, I had myomectomy surgery to have them removed. Click here to read about what I learned personally living with fibroids, treatment options, and how I came through surgery.

Drug Side Effects

Medications are sometimes necessary and life-saving. However, I believe most drugs are over prescribed and have serious side effects that patients don’t always recognize. I don’t want you to live through the same consequences I have suffered. Click here to read about the mistakes I’ve made in taking specific prescriptions drugs.

Spiritual Health

Health is not only physical. It is mental, emotional and spiritual. I believe questions about life and problems we face are lovingly addressed by God in the Bible. Please click here to browse my posts about worry, contentment, thanksgiving, perfectionism, and other spiritual topics.

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