Osprey Farm, My Favorite CSA

Where did you buy your vegetables this summer?

Where are you going to buy your vegetables this fall and winter?

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Discover Osprey Farm as your new source for organically-grown produce!

I love growing my own vegetables and was blessed to have a thriving garden this year. In addition, I supplement my produce needs with Osprey Farm, out of Salem, Oregon. Osprey was started by my cousin, Chloe Hanson, and her friend, Jesse Weller. You might say, that’s favoritism, preferring a family member’s farm. Well, yes! But I can also say with confidence that Osprey’s produce rivals anything I’ve seen at local farmers’ markets and in other Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) offerings.

Osprey offers a Summer CSA that runs through the beginning of December. Their Winter CSA will provide vegetables from January through April. Consider the advantages of purchasing local produce through Osprey Farm.

  • You know where your food comes from.
  • You know your farmer.
  • No pesticides or harmful chemicals are sprayed on the vegetables. (Even though they are not certified organic, I believe their growing practices are as organic as you can get!)
  • Pick-up locations are in Salem and Hillsboro, with possible future locations as the business grows.
  • You can choose from a diverse assortment of produce each week, from a medium share of 5 items to a large share of 8 items. Yes, you can choose whatever assortment you’d like! Your share is not pre-boxed.
  • You can still buy veggies a la cart when you need them, even if you do not pre-pay for a medium or large share.
  • From kale to broccoli to cabbage to lettuce to squash to onions, you will find a variety of vegetables your entire family will enjoy every week.

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What’s not to like? OK, maybe you have to make an extra trip to buy vegetables every week. And fewer trips to the grocery store means you don’t get to see your favorite checker and your child may miss being pushed around in the cart. But if you are like me, grocery shopping at the big box stores is not one of my favorite things to do. Osprey Farm not only provides a way out of the florescent-lighted chain store, but also gives you the opportunity to feed your family beautiful, healthy, enzyme-rich produce.

Osprey Farm’s mission statement (directly from their website):

Our mission is to grow healthy, seasonal food that is affordable for every member of our local community using ecological methods that minimize the use of inputs produced off the farm. We endeavor to responsibly care for the land by practicing soil conservation, building soil fertility, and promoting healthy ecosystems that enrich the biotic community.

Enrich the biotic community. I love that part! Find out more by visiting their website or contacting them directly. Tell Chloe I sent you! Hope to see you at the Hillsboro pick up location on Thursdays sometime!

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  1. OMG, so excited to hear about this–a winter CSA?!! Yesssss!!! We have been loving our CSA this summer from Gathering Together Farm; we pick it up at the Beaverton Farmers’ Market and it’s always amazing. We have been so spoiled with awesome local organic produce, I worry what we’ll have to do in the winter! I’ll definitely consider this winter one!!

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