The Top Ten Ways Men and Women Relax

After writing Find Your Seventh Day of Rest a couple weeks ago, I began asking myself, why don’t people rest? Here’s one conclusion. We don’t rest because we don’t know how! Questions beget more questions, and I endeavored to ask my husband how he prefers to spend his time relaxing. His answers motivated me to write a new post about the top ten ways men and women relax. Plus, top ten lists are fun. By no means is this a scientific survey! These are just some ways that my husband and I take time to recharge.

I challenge you to create your own top ten list. What refreshes your mind? Your body? Your spirit? If you cannot take a full day of rest, find a few hours. Busy moms and dads, discover a few minutes of rest throughout your day. The point is to stop and “smell the roses” and give your spirit the opportunity to renew.

Top 10 Ways Men and Women Relax2

Top Ten Ways Women Relax

(This is my list, not in any particular order.)

  1. Take a walk in a park or forest
  2. Indulge in a hot bath
  3. Spend a few hours scrapbooking (or in your favorite creative hobby)
  4. Lay down and listen to calming music
  5. Catch up with a friend in a quiet place
  6. Plant flowers in containers or garden beds
  7. Write in your journal
  8. Get a massage (Yes, this one requires a bit of money.)
  9. Practice a deep breathing exercise
  10. Read the Psalms or a spiritually renewing book
  11. Bonus – Share an intimate interlude with your spouse!

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Top Ten Ways Men Relax

(This is what my husband wrote, not in any particular order.)

  1. Read a book (not for self-improvement)
  2. Walk in a park (no rushing)
  3. Work on an unnecessary project or hobby
  4. Take a nap
  5. Work out at the gym
  6. Go on a bike ride
  7. Play a video game that’s mentally challenging
  8. Go to a ball game with friends
  9. Shop for a favorite hobby (dreaming)
  10. Go for a drive in the country (no traffic)
  11. Bonus – Share an intimate interlude with your spouse!

baseball catcher

I suppose your top ten ways to relax will depend greatly on your personality, schedule, hobbies, and attention span. :) What are your top ten? Can’t come up with ten? How about the top five? Please write about the ways you recharge in the comments section below. I would love to read your responses!!

Now go R E L A X…

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