Where is the Lead Coming From?

“Thallium? Can you spell that please?” I asked my naturopathic doctor over the phone.

I know about lead, but I had never heard of thallium. I’m definitely not a chemist. I was a music major!

Where is the Lead Coming From 3

Yesterday I received a call from my ND about preliminary results from a heavy metals test I did a month ago. She explained to me I had “off-the-charts” lead and thallium in my stool. I was both shocked and relieved. We have been searching for years for my unanswered health problems. Why won’t my leaky gut heal? Why are my thyroid antibodies so high? What is the trigger for my red, itchy, dry skin? We have ruled out parasites, Lyme disease, Hepatitis and more. I’ve been on the GAPS diet for over two years and seen improvement but not near as much as I had hoped.

Maybe now we know. Why did I wait so long to take a heavy metals test?

The shocked part of me is still shocked. Thallium is an expensive rare metal. Where is the world did I get exposed to that? And where is the lead coming from? Is it in our drinking water? Leaching from our slow cookers? I know we don’t have lead paint in our home. It’s been tested twice before. The last 24 hours, I’ve read countless blogs that say there are NO safe levels of lead. Yes, I get that. How do I get it out of me? Apparently, my mercury levels are low. It seems the proper (and expensive) removal of my dental amalgam fillings a few years ago was really worth it.

Heavy Metals Test Results

Right now, I have a thousand questions with no answers. I usually like to write well informed blog posts with helpful references for my readers. This is not that post. This is more an emotional vent and cry for encouragement.

It’s good that I’m eliminating these metals in my stool, but more tests are necessary to determine how much is in my blood and tissues. Oh my, what if it’s in my brain? Maybe that’s why I forget what I’m doing when I walk into a room! 😉

We so desperately want answers now, but we must wait. My husband is transitioning to a permanent full-time position (thankfully) but we don’t have comprehensive insurance coverage this month. That means no doctor visits, no tests. We have to wait till February to even consider more testing. We have to wait to see if I need chelation therapy to draw the metals out of my body.

So for now we wait.

Sure, we are going to get our water tested to make sure our old 1970s galvanized pipes aren’t leaching lead into our drinking water. We’re also considering buying new clay-pot slow cookers that are lead-free. After all, I believe bone broth and soup are among the healthiest foods you can eat. But if my crock pot is poisoning me, I’d rather not keep it, thank you.

But until we know more, we wait. Waiting is no fun. But I know it’s a part of life. And I know that God uses it for my good. It’s just not what I had planned for this month or next month or 2015 for that matter.

In the long-term, I know I’ll be healthier once we can remove my lead brain. OK, I do want to keep my brain, just take out the lead. Who knows, maybe my Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroid condition will even go into remission. I wonder how long my poor liver and kidneys have been fighting this lead and thallium. Years? Maybe this is not an acute incident, but slow exposure over time. I already know my detox pathway is interrupted. I have both the MTHFR gene mutations that cause methylation problems. I only started taking folate and extra B vitamins several months ago to kick-start my detoxing processes.

I’ll keep you informed of my progress. Maybe I’ll even turn this into a series, so we can all learn about the dangers of heavy metal toxicity. For now, I leave my circumstances in God’s care. Even though I don’t have the answers I seek yet, I know I can “cast all my cares on Him, for He cares for me.” (1 Peter 5:7)

Have you or a family member had lead or other heavy metal toxicity? Did you undergo chelation therapy? I’d love to hear your story. It would be an encouragement to me.

Now, thallium, how do you spell that again?


Update 2/27/2015: Read my most recent post about my lead blood test results and what I’m doing next in Get the Lead Out! My Detox Program.

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10 Responses to Where is the Lead Coming From?

  1. Pech says:

    Oh no! This post left me hanging! I really really want to know where this Thallium is coming from! Who knows if it’s affecting us in ways we don’t know! Come back with a follow-up!
    Pech recently posted…Zeus Cafe and the McMenamins PassportMy Profile

  2. Bea says:

    How strange but good – even so the source for the Thallium is yet to be found – to know what is causing you trouble. Hoping that you soon will be able to get rid of the metals in your body.
    Bea recently posted…Timberline Lodge – Mini-break on Mt. Hood {#travel with #kids #oregon #pdx}My Profile

    • Tracy says:

      Thanks Bea. We’ll see how long it will take, but I’m hopeful it won’t be too many months and I’ll see improvement.

  3. Wow, very upsetting. Hope you figure out the source soon! And really hope addressing it helps with some of the chronic problems!! Best wishes!
    Create/Enjoy recently posted…An overview and a happy story–big changes!My Profile

  4. Bee says:

    My MIL had super heavy metal issues and did chelation therapy–if I remember correctly, it helped her! The detox baths, too, helped–remember this might not be the only issue but it may help uncover other things. Happy to hear you’re making progress!
    Bee recently posted…10 Random FactsMy Profile

    • Tracy says:

      Yes, I already do detox baths sometimes, but it’s probably something I should do daily until we have more information and I see improvement. I’m glad chelation helped your MIL.

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